Audi Q2

Q meets Cuba

Audi has chosen to take a very different approach with the Q2 – even with its first test drives. Cuba combines tradition with change, style with a lust for life and curiosity. Experience the Audi Q2 in Havana, a unique and thrilling city.

All data and information as of 06/2016

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A Fascinating City 
Three Days in Havana

There are phases in which change has not yet truly begun, all that exists is a sense of anticipation. An omnipresent past mixes with a future that is still hanging in the air; that has not yet truly materialized. Cuba is in this fascinating phase …


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Revolution and Cars 
A Step Back in Time

It’s New Year’s Eve 1958 and a glittering celebration is taking place in the ballroom of the venerable Nacional Hotel in Havana. The band has just played its fanfare, while balloons in the ballroom and fireworks on the terrace …


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The Charm of the Golden Days 
The Best Hotels in Town

The Saratoga Hotel, situated right on the Prado and not far from the Capitolio, is without question the finest hotel in Havana. Like almost all of the grand buildings in the city, it dates back to the Spanish colonial era, having been built in 1879 by Spanish merchant Gregorio Palacios as a boarding house, before becoming …


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The Pleasures of Life 
Eating Out in Havana

The island of Cuba is an ethnic melting pot. A native Cuban is white, black, Indian, Spanish, African, Chinese, French – or all of the above. The native inhabitants, the Spanish conquistadores (who arrived with Christopher Columbus), the imported African …


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Author and Attraction 
Hemingway in Havana

The work of Ernest Hemingway is, without a doubt, among the greatest literary achievements of the 20th century. Right now, however, his role as a tourist ambassador for the state and island of Cuba seems to be even more important. The income associated …


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The Metal Magicians
Classic Car Mechanics and Their Art

Jorge Luis Hernandez is pretty proud of his Dodge. It gleams in a rich, dark metallic blue and, by night, LED units shine from the headlamps, while inside, the sound comes courtesy of a Clarion system. But what’s this under the hood?! A first-class two-liter turbo engine with an automatic  …


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The new Audi Q2

The Urban Type
Audi completes its SUV lineup at the entry point. At 4.19 meters long, the new Q2 blends youthful design with high functionality and plenty of driving fun.


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