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Interview Michael Horn,
Audi Lighting Design

Hello Michael, Audi introduced the arrow shape into its daytime running lights with the new Q7.
So what does it look like in the Q2 headlamps?

Michael Horn: New and extremely distinctive. For the LED headlights, we took the classic Q double arrow and simplified it to create one horizontal and a divided vertical, giving it a dynamic and digital look. The length of the daytime running lights with the vertical accents emphasizes the width and the sporty genes of an Audi SUV.

The rear lights look more two-dimensional than flat –
is this a new Audi design feature?

Michael Horn: Yes – but their internal design makes sure they don’t look boxy. The rear lights now have a bright and very sculptural area and a darkened lower section containing the indicators as well as reversing lights and fog lights. This separation means that mainly the upper section works as a tail light, making the unit look a lot shallower. The lights also reflect the lateral design theme and give the flanks of the Q2 an even more wedge-shaped feel.

Do we see the polygon theme from the bodyshell repeating itself in the lights?

Michael Horn: Yes, the cover glass for the rear lights is heavily sculpted – as on the exterior, we cut recesses out of the basic volume. Behind them we applied fine lines that reflect the light of the LED unit and display the internals and the three-dimensionality of the lamp. They’re especially impressive when viewed close up.

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Michael Horn
Audi Lighting Design
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