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Interview Steffen Tarashti,
Audi Marketing

Steffen, what role does the Q2 occupy in the Audi model lineup?

The Audi Q2 offers a attractive entry point into the Q family and the world of quattro. We want to use our new compact SUV to introduce new customers to the brand.

And how would you describe the car’s character?

The Audi Q2 is the type of car that breaks with conventional thinking. It doesn’t fit into any pigeon hole. Its customers are exactly the same – they are young, expressive and not always entirely conformist. And this is exactly why they’re cool and want to drive a cool car.

So how important is the design?

It’s immensely important, which is why it speaks its very own language. The Q2 has sharp edges, it comes with strong, bold colors. The lines concept and the many options for individualization also appeal enormously to our trend-conscious customers.

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Steffen Tarashti
Audi Marketing
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